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HDB gardener

Seeds have been sown, mistakes have been made, and this week I finally sat down with a nice salad with homegrown sprouts. These little seedlings are a godsend and I wish I knew about them earlier! The jar method's the easiest, cleanest way to grow them without the danger of contaminated soil and/or chemically treated cotton.

Toss some sprouting seeds in a jar (I love mustard), seal it with a permeable piece of cloth that drains well. Rinse seeds twice a day, straining water through cloth. EAT IN A WEEK! Sunday is officially salad eating+growing day. And honestly, these things practically grow themselves. You could leave them anywhere with minimal sunlight and they'd grow. I have half a mind to fill my room with some greens, minus the pesky pests that come with soil!

Azuki beans, mung beans, lentils. They don't look or taste like primary school science projects at all! In fact they're plump, firm and crunchy. Jar from Daiso, rag from Muji.

On another note, it's nice to be home where all the nice kitchen appliances are. Baked a spinach & cheese loaf, and toasted it with bruchetta mix. The salad says we need a slab of good parmesan!

Tommy Toe Tomatoes, 1 week old.

Tommy Toe tomatoes, slightly over 2 weeks old. I've been enjoying most luck with the tomatoes so far... now I hope they give me some plump ripe fruits before I'm due back in Sydney for graduation!

So the basil from Cold Storage was great for two weeks before a rainy and sunless day saw the entire plant flop lifeless. There is word on the street that Cold Storage basil plants never survive re-potting and that cheered me up just a wee bit as I was ripping out blackened stems from the pot. I removed the offending leaves, stems and annoying styrofoam-like white bits (fertilizer?) that came attached to the roots of the plant and the surviving bits appear to be doing well after two sunny days... oh I had such hope for them... pesto, caprese salads, summer drinks, stir fries....

I was afraid the Singapore sun would prove too much for sparkler radishes but turns out they absolutely NEED strong sunlight. Dumped my first attempt after the shoots grew extremely long, floppy and stringy and moved them up from the bench to the window ledge. The new shoots look a lot more like proper radish seedlings.

Another mistake.... the thyme seedlings were thriving! They were growing they were alive!!! One day I absentmindedly dumped water on the tiny seedlings and crushed them. They were still green and alive but started growing all over each other and that's when I also realized they were overcrowded. Scooped up all but one lone seedling and replanted with fewer seeds. Still zilch on the rosemary...

PATIENCE! Now only time and good sunny weather will tell if I'll get a nice, homegrown salad by years' end.

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