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It's been a while hasn't it?

On a belated note, HAPPY EASTER (VACATION) everyone! We're up in Kingscliff, a small-med town just south of Gold Coast, right at the tip of New South Wales. The weather has been perfect, I can't begin to tell you how much I dread the cold now. Three years of it and I'm through! Right about two months in July I'll be back toasting in Singapore and spending 3 glorious weeks in Berlin, Stuttgart and Paris <3 Did I also say school's almost out??? It's the FINAL COUNT-DOWNNN!!! DA DA DA... but I will miss C so :0( lets hope he gets an offer to intern in Singapore... or you'll never hear the end of my sulking.

I've also been reading up on container gardening over the week and here are some of the blogs I've been obsessing over, and partly the inspiration to blog after a long hiatus.


My new blog crush! Beautiful (and sustainable) garden, good food, NYC & tons of style, she has created the city dweller's dream of a delicious respite. DELICIOUS, read DELICIOUS!


Another crush.... and to take it one step further, I now want chickens, too! I'll have to start thinking about retiring on a farm.

All this talk is getting me hungry. Time to throw some vintage cheese, ham and salami together for a quick sandwich!
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