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most annoying service EVER

Been increasingly annoyed at just EVERYTHING around me.

Met just TERRIBLE terrible library staff (two of them!) who wouldnt wait for me to finish my sentence to raise their voice saying DO YOU UNNDEERSTANNDD that you can't borrow books without your library card. Duh of course I UNDERSTANNNDD that becuase I was just there to pick up some bloody books. THEN they go OH YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID SO EARLIER but I TRIED they just wouldnt let me complete my sentence. Didn't anyone ever tell them how rude it is to interrupt? Or to jump to conclusions? To think they had at least half a century to learn some manners those hags.

Called up American Apparel to cancel a skirt order at a freaking 1.30am becuase they got it wrong and only operate L.A time. Just becuase I misheard name for address, the damned hotline lady had to stress NAAAMMEEE in such a sarcastic manner. Seriously people should stop hiring highschool dropouts for jobs that require human interraction.

And the most UNREASONABLE bus driver wouldnt let me get on the bus this morning at the traffic light when it's only a meter away from the freaking bus stop. A METER AWAY WILL IT KILL YOU TO OPEN THE DOOR WHEN YOU'RE AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHT FOR 30 SECONDS FUCK YOU AGGGGGGHHHHH DIE DIE DIE!!!

Then again it must be so painful having such an unrewarding job. I actually feel sad for them, I really do. May it always be the bane of their miserable existance.
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