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the most beautiful of blooms

Paddington Markets

This week will be my last as a student. SO LONG, UNIVERSITY!
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Somewhere along Port Macquarie



I've seen more rainbows in the past week than I ever had in my life.
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It's been a while hasn't it?

On a belated note, HAPPY EASTER (VACATION) everyone! We're up in Kingscliff, a small-med town just south of Gold Coast, right at the tip of New South Wales. The weather has been perfect, I can't begin to tell you how much I dread the cold now. Three years of it and I'm through! Right about two months in July I'll be back toasting in Singapore and spending 3 glorious weeks in Berlin, Stuttgart and Paris <3 Did I also say school's almost out??? It's the FINAL COUNT-DOWNNN!!! DA DA DA... but I will miss C so :0( lets hope he gets an offer to intern in Singapore... or you'll never hear the end of my sulking.

I've also been reading up on container gardening over the week and here are some of the blogs I've been obsessing over, and partly the inspiration to blog after a long hiatus.


My new blog crush! Beautiful (and sustainable) garden, good food, NYC & tons of style, she has created the city dweller's dream of a delicious respite. DELICIOUS, read DELICIOUS!


Another crush.... and to take it one step further, I now want chickens, too! I'll have to start thinking about retiring on a farm.

All this talk is getting me hungry. Time to throw some vintage cheese, ham and salami together for a quick sandwich!
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palazzo versace

Sun, surf, sand


Palazzo Versace!

I just HAD to book a table at Vanitas the moment I found out Versace had a Palazzo in Brisbane. It was everything C and I expected, medusa logos just about every where you turn to in true Italian style. There were logos on lamps, upholstery, carved into chair armrests, restroom fixtures and best of all we got to dine on Versace fine china at Vanitas!

Amuse bouche and Moet champagne on the house, it was their 10th anniversary

Crusted quail breasts & roquefort salad

C's sashimi platter with sake & watermelon sorbet

C's rabbit

Morton bay bugs and gnocchi. It was terribly salty and made my entire mouth tingle.

Best EVER white chocolate creme brulee and I've ALWAYS wanted the Jardin set for my home

I would have expected more Italian food but it ended up a strange Australian Asian fusion, though their gnocchi was mouth meltingly fantastic. We also got a gorgeous poolside view upon C's request. Love the tiny poolside 'beach'!

We ended the evening with a little stroll around the hotel grounds before it started to rain and we returned to our hotel for a long warm bath.
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mid-autumn festival

When I was a kid my mom used to say lighting lanterns every mid-autumn festival would make me beautiful. I'm still believing!

Happy mid-autumn festival y'all!
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Cafe Sydney


C, his friend from Germany and I went to Cafe Sydney last weekend. Another "rooftop" bar to conquer after the curse of the Shangri-La bar. We call it the curse becuase it was such a perfect evening I jinxed us by saying how it could not get better. The following week was a pain in the arse. In fact C felt the effects of the curse first by receiving a $1000 mobile data bill. Anyway Cafe Sydney was fine looking and had the nicest Aesop hand moisturizers in the restrooms, but service was terrible. We were promised harbour views that never came, the drinks we wanted were not available due to a broken blender (I cant believe they run a bar with just one blender), I found bones in my duck confit and the staff were all unhappy and telling on each other. Sad to say it is a pretty bar. 6.5/10?
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C and I have made a list of rooftop bars in Sydney to conquer! We started with Blu bar at the Shangri-La because I've been absolutely dying to go to this one, and its still a little too chilly to be outside at night. And lucky us, we got the 2nd best seats in the house, the best seats being the ones across us with views of the harbour bridge and opera house. They had pretty good cocktails but I'm still looking foward to the southeast Asian inspired cocktails at the Ivy Lounge. We give the Blu bar an 8/10

The harbour bridge and us. I wore red lipstick!!! And a pushup bra.

'Sherlock' and 'Italian Job'
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GREETINGS & A HAPPY NATIONAL DAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY IN SINGAPORE! A bunch of us met up in the evening for a homecooked meal and live streaming of national day propaganda, and by the way LOVED the army trucks that hauled a mobile kitchen and another a washing machine. Oh Singaporeans how spoilt rotten we are! Interestingly enough it's always hard to define yourself as a race or nationality unless you're somewhere quite foreign - I've never seen myself as a Singaporean while in Singapore but rather just a person defined by character. But now whenever I'm on a plane back home and see that country I know so well standing in that strange region I can't help but redefine my understanding of Singapore and being a Singaporean; it is a place we can be proud of (honestly YES WE CAN as compared to many other countries and on top of that we've got the best broadband in the worrlldddd) and also a place I know will treat me more kindly than anywhere else on earth.

recipe HERE
AND pounded and juiced the pandan leaves BY HAND.

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snippets of life from the last two weeks

Winter in Sydney is just like springtime in June and also a time when we gather warmth from the rosy red and pink blossoms of cherry, camellia, rose and peony In the dead of winter two weeks ago I was lucky enough to have C move over and we've been busy getting him aquainted with life in fantabulous Sydney! Here are our more interesting snippets of life...

...at the Botanic Gardens, you'd think I was in Japan for a holiday! But not when you have cockatoos hanging around open spaces... and even the birds are blushing pink! Right before the gardens we were at Chat Thai for lunch with photofriends Thomas and Masa, and according to Tom the Melbourne siders (don't know the Melbourne alternative to Sydney siders) were raving about that place. I had a glorified instant noodles dish called Yum Mama, and trust me anything made from Mama noodles is nothing short of divine. In related news I also purchased a carton of 20 Mama noodles - it's that good.

Blushing birds

A couple of days before that we attended the Biennale at Cockatoo island, after brunch at the converted wharfs of the Sydney Dance Company. We HAD to board a ferry to arrive at Cockatoo Island, and for a while I completely regretted indluging in a large lunch at the cafe as I'm practically sea-legless and even the slightest of iPad can leave me incapacitated. The Biennale was by any standards o-kay, largely because nobody really appreciates the art of their times anyway. "Inopportune:Stage One" by Cai Guo Qiang depicted the stages of explosion of a car and was the definite crowd pleaser. Maybe he could stage the morphing of a car through the decades next time, now how cute will that be? Like blast to the future!

Peek-a-boo with the harbour bridge

Ferry to Cockatoo Island

You are my sunshine

Chevy survives crash test.


Photobomb terrorist

Very pretty picture by Siti. I also feel like Cousin It.

The most beautiful sight all day hence proving that art can never rival nature

Finally, C and I pottered around Leichhardt (Sydney's little Italy) and he also officially moved into his own apartment yesterday. My room is now painfully empty but neat

The Italian Forum

Our Viennas, they gave me more foam "for the lady"

C's lucky enough to be living near Darling Harbour, they had a boatshow over the weekend

Sunset from C's room

Phew. This must have been be the longest photo entry yet. G'night folks!

P.S. Still loving the Ricoh GRDII. No more need for colour adjustments, now it's just resize & go!
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don't tell me what's wrong with you

"Don't tell me what's wrong with you becuase I will find out and tell you. It will make sense to you and work"

LOLOLOL!!! Found this on my way to Leichthardt.

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