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Russian Blue

C and I went for a walk to soak up the last few weeks of Sydney life we have together. We met the friendliest Russian blue boy who begged for chin tickles! (C is evil, he's reading this as I type and insists the cat asked for chin punches!)

My camera shutters got stuck again, explains the blackish border at adjacent sides. Could it be the cold?
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Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia.
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A Series of Black #3

It's always so much easier to stay where you already are.
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A Series of Black #2

Rotorua, New Zealand

Someone tell me why "THE TRUTH" is never really anything but negative. Why is it so common to hear the words "I'll tell you the truth and you won't like it" but never "the truth is you're getting A YEARS SUPPLY OF SHOES!!!!!!!"? I know we're all sensible people grounded in very ordinary lives but yet there lies an elusive TRUTH that seems exists beyond our mortal comprehension, the fact that we would need someone else to point out this TRUTH and to shatter whatever is left of our humble aspirations wants. All I want now is a resounding YES... a pat on the back... someone to say "go for it" and mean it. Is reality always bleaker no matter how bleak we see it? My heart has fallen in to quicksand and there's no way out. I could cry all night but tomorrow's still gonna be the same. Someone please tell me some truth I'd like to hear. :0(
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a series of black #1

Auckland City

Finally, back home in Singapore after a month long holiday in New Zealand! How have you been? Oh... and HAPPY 2011!!!
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the cat is back! well, kind of.

I've been on hiatus for quite a long while with exams, C and parents who are here with me on holiday! Check out my twitter account here for less sporadic updates.

Here's a picture of a cat I found at the lovely Apollo Bay, 3 hours from Melbourne :0)
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Guess who got Uggs?

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back from the gold coast

Two essays to churn out before the holidays are over...

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Looking for a job is such a pain.
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electric organic

Light installation under highway.
Harris Street, Sydney.

I don't know if this is part of an ART installation, its name or how it got there but it is quite a mini spectacle when you're walking home at night.

UPDATE: I just read up on this in the new Sydney residents' guide and it has a name!
"The artwork 'Aspire' by Warren langley was offically launched in 2010, transforming a freeway space iwith light and clever design."
- Sydney Residents' Guide 2010/11

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