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random iPhone


Grumpy kitty at cat show

Rabbit cloud
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Format126 in PolaColour

Finally got the guts to get me some red lipstick and I'm loving it. Thank you Rimmel commercials!

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for everyone i L.O.V.E

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Found this doggy in the display window on my way to an exam. What a cutie pie, it looked just like a doll!
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touch me in the morning

Toy Camera

82% done with final essay of the semester!!!
And am totally in love with this version of 'touch me in the morning', its so much better than the studio version. Thanks to dirpy.com I've been listening to this song on repeat all day

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graffiti graham bears


Bestest graffiti wall in Chippendale. Who would have thought of Teddy Grahams?! GENIUS <3
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swirly skies


1. HiCon Lite
2. Format126

And I miss my pentax... aww baby...

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the myths of fiji

Taken with ToyCamera, merged by BlendCam a.k.a Tori Camera

I'm still having a Fiji hangover, and coincidentally chanced upon this section of the library dedicated to folk tales of every country! Found one on Fiji, so according to the three stories I've read, the first man and woman were born from hawk's eggs, bananas are the arms (and fingers) of a god/spirit and sugarcane was tossed from the heavens. Such colourful stories! And back to essays it is for me.
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walk home

Format 126
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i'm on a camera roll (isnt this funny or what)

A few days ago I decided to look up on new camera apps and found Format126 from the creator of Polarize, and they really expanded the options on this one. Polarize was one of my first camera apps and it was quite satisfying, save for the novelty border and vignetting which looks really artificial after you've seen enough to realise how template-ish it is. Anyways, this app is real handy for postprocessing (lol this sounds so technical) and unlike other effector applications this one is quick! Best part about it is you get to play around with the effects until you find something you like becuase like Polarize, you get to choose to shoot from the camera or retrieve a photo from Camera Roll. I edited whole bunch of iPhone shots from my trip to Japan last autumn and am loving this app! Works best with low contrast pictures, and shown here in PolaColour :0)

Btw I downloaded Hipstamatic too along with a whole bunch of film/lens. Was crazy about it for a day, then realised how absolutely painstakingly 'manual' it is. Need something QUICK! POP!

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