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I've been planning a summer "feast" for ages now, and isn't it great when it's always summer in Singapore? Here are some of the things that remind me of this deliciously hot season:

1. Shell from Fiji, my very first beach holiday and getaway from the rainy Australian autumn

2. Turquoise beads - embellished on sandals, earrings, dresses... and a reminder of clear water lagoons

3. Polaroid of Bondi Beach Sydney

4. Pebbles from the beach, such a beautiful shade of pale blue

5. Figs. Fig salads & sweet dried figs... and even smelling just like figs after a cool shower

6. Diptyque L'ombre, a reminder of delightfully fresh tomato leaves
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life changing life

Waiting for a change
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happy monday!

Flowers from around C's home. He calls them weeds, but they really put a smile on your face!
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C and his hermit crab wrestlemania in Fiji

Don't you hate it when TV/books announce the arrival of a completely AVERAGE family/person in ads only to have them turn out to be extremely unaverage? E.g Completely average family with unaverage jobs like crocodile wrangling. Or average teenager with an unaverage secret (Sabrina the teenage witch!). Then why the heck call them average to start off with?
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my little gem

This was a gift from C. I guess it's not everyday that a girl gets a gem as large as this. Lol!
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SATC & the good old single days


D'où Venons Nous? Que Sommes Nous? Où Allons Nous?
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

Theres too much going on in my head to say it so I'm just going to list them down.

1. SATC makes me miss singlehood. But WHYYY???
2. Waiting for reply on additional items to ASOS order. WIll go to bed in 1hr
3. I keep getting dreams of buying snacks from convinience stores in Japan
4. Certain people annoy me
5. Friends are always there to make it better
6. Should get started on readings and essay
7. Zzzzzz

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i miss fiji & freakishly expensive nail polish

2.5 hours on phone today with 3 and Vodafone who made my arteries explode.

How many phone operators would you need to fix a light bulb?

Nobody knows.

They'll either put you on hold or transfer you to the next department.

I finally found THE perfect khaki nail colour. But why does it have to be so freakishly expensive and limitedly editionish. You're looking at US$165 for a set of 3. Meh.
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sniff. sending it in for repairs tomorrow.
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I've never photographed people (except for myself heheh) BUT ME THINKS I SHOULD BECOME A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! <3
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I like my days quiet.
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